Saturday, October 8, 2011

Full week

I can't believe that tomorrow is our one year anniversary. I have been blessed in my short lifetime to have learned some pretty hard lessons fast. I would never change anything I have gone through as it has brought me to where I am and allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people. Ryan my husband being one of those people, I didn't know that I would ever be married to someone who actually completed me as a person. I can only hope that I make him even a quarter as happy as he makes me everyday.

It was a beautiful day and totally awesome party with friends and family. From the day we decided on a date until the day of our wedding was all in under two months....crazy fast I know but I would have gone nuts otherwise.

So this week was a little crazy for both of us. Not only have we been uber excited about our anniversary. This does not include however the nasty piece of cake we have to eat that has been in our freezer and now in two different homes. I had a math test for school which caused major anxiety and he has been working on 6 different projects that are to be sent int to his teacher and presented in classes next week on top of midterms that he has. Luckily my other class in online and my third class of this semester doesn't start for another two weeks. I am in classes for Medical Laboratory Technology, after being a nurse in some capacity for over 10 years I was ready to get back to what I have always wanted to do which was working with diseases and blood in a lab with a microscope. My husband is in school for computer networking and I don't understand anything he usually talks about. If you can't tell we are both total geeks but we love that about each other.

We are both still trying to lose that comfort weight that we started to put on after the wedding last year. I started running and though I was doing excellent. My husband has run since high school and being in the National Guard needs to keep in shape for all of his various activities and PT's. I on the other hand have always had bad knees and have not run much in the past but finally came to a conclusion that I wanted to feel physically healthier than in the past and knew this was the way to go. So I started on Monday and to my surprise kept up with Ryan didn't stop for 20 minutes straight I have done it all week with the exception of one off day. Yesterday in fact I ran for 25 minutes and felt awesome at the end. Our plans now are for us to do the St. Patricks Day Run in St. Louis this year we are both very excited to race together.

So meals this week have been a lot healthier. Lots of veggies and fruit in the household, I made my famous pantry vegetable soup and just whipped up a batch of "mock" mashed potatoes using some wonderful cauliflower. Although I do plan on making an apple pie this next week sometime just because it's fall and I feel the need to bake constantly when it's cooler outside.

Below is the recipe for my pantry veggie soup and I will be posting the "mock" mashed potatoes later on this week. The reason I named this my pantry veggie soup is due to the fact that I went through a huge pantry cleaning last year after we moved into our new house and I made this out of what I had in the freezer and pantry. I have always loved my mom's vegetable soup but wanted to take a spin on my own this was just made out of what was available at the particular time I wanted to make it.

Pantry Vegetable Soup:

Leftover Roast, potatoes, carrots, and juice  (the first time I made this I used leftover beef pot roast, this past time I used leftover pork roast both tasted wonderful with these ingredients)

One can of your favorite choice of corn

Small can of carrots ( if you used carrots with your roast you don't have to put in any additional but I love carrots so I added some extra)

One can of peas

One can of green beans

One can of diced tomatoes w/basil & garlic

One can of beefy mushroom soup

One can of tomato bisque soup

Water ( I usually use to full cans of water to get all the tomato bisque out of the can)

Salt & Pepper to taste.

* Bring all ingrediants to a boil over med/high heat.
* Cover lower heat and let simmer for at least one hour
* Serve with hot crusty bread

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