Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's been a long time since I came around

LOL sorry that title just cracks me up. You gotta love GaGa. So this is just a quick blog with lots of pics. I have been busy and meaning update better but dang it I just haven't.

My hubby running the St Louis St. Patty's Day 5-mile (he's the one in the green in the middle of the pic). I was so proud of him.

Was inspired by this blogger to put up this "yellow lovin" little number over the bed. 

Also made a quick new front door wreath for spring/early summer. I will be doing a flag themed wreath for end of June beginning of July time. I am eventually going to need a whole room just to house all of my wreath creations......hahaha

Made this amazing healthy lasagna......recipe to come later. 

Although I haven't been the greatest and because my knee has been killing my I have skipped a couple of Insanity videos I am still showing great progress. I haven't been able to wear these jeans in months. Very exciting moment for me, I just love the way the fit my shortness. 

The hubby and FIL playing a little bags on a beautiful Easter Sunday

Allie-girl decided that her "momma" was a pillow on this particular evening.

 Made an amazing grilled BBQ chicken ranch pizza. We grilled out BBQ chicken boneless skinless chicken breasts, used a whole wheat boboli crust I used ranch instead of marinara then added the chicken and topped it with fat-free mozzarella cheese and a little more BBQ sauce. It was flippin amazing........will so be making this again and again and again.

For Easter I took some pretty little cuppie cakes. I just fell in love with these chicks that were all over Pinterest. Used a new cake recipe and they turned out ok, still looking for that "perfect cupcake" I will get there someday.  

We needed something over our couch and I for whatever reason associate the hubby and myself with birdies. I just thought this was so cute and decided to paint up a big canvas. The best part which unfortunately you can't see very well is that the red heart is actually all glittery :)

and here we have my dog deciding that I needed a scarf while trying to sleep. Sorry about the grotesque-ness of the no make-up look I have going

My sister, niece, and myself at a competition to see our momma (Madigan's Gwa) play some piano. 

While the kids and my sister were down in the MO area we took them to the St. Louis Zoo where they proceded to think that I was a human jungle gym

So that about does it for the time being. Studying hard for school so far doing excellent. Probably going to be going back to light-duty work in the near future and for that reason is why this blog had to get done quick. With work and school and trying to keep working out I am sure I will slack on the blog writing for the foreseeable future. Till next time......later.