Monday, March 12, 2012

My last week and a half in photos........

My little Allie-cat was very sick and decided it would be a good idea to cuddle on the bed and sleep......she slept forever.

Finally picked up the new Baby Lips from Maybeline. These are really nice very moisturizing. I got the pink punch but it is a little more pigmented then I actually wanted but the peppermint is awesome.

At my moms house Allie really enjoyed the piano. Mom played for her and she ended up sitting right by her feet pretty much the whole time.

Made some awesome homemade pizza for Ryan's return home. Very big and tasted better than takeout in my opinion. Again just want to say thanks to my mom for giving us a bread-maker for Xmas :)

Enjoyed the first day of spring by running errands with Allie all the windows down and loving the sun and fresh air.

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