Thursday, March 1, 2012

Major case of the blahs................

So what's the one thing I do when I wake up with the blahs..........
why paint my nails of course. This was some UBBER-glitteriness. Is that even a real word?????

So d/t the blahs I decided to do the other thing that always helps to make them go away......go stay with my momma. I know it might be a little weird that a woman in her 30's would pack up her stuff and dog to go sleep at my mom's house but it just makes me feel better.

I love my momma she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside and we seriously have way too much fun when we get together. Even more exciting is the fact that I get to bring Allie-girl with me. She lives in a gorgeous sub-division so I am also bringing my running gear to get outside and move since the other thing we do is eat too much :(

When dealing with the blahs it's always of most importance to get your ass up and move around a bit and luckily I have Jillian and the #30DS to help with that. But the most important thing is my workout partner who always makes me laugh uncontrollably.
 Although I don't think she was sweating as much as I was in the end!!!!
I go tomorrow morning for yet another follow-up with my Dr. about the wrist, then out to lunch and wedding dress shopping with my girl Holly. I am so happy for her and her man Matt. They have decided to get married in Vegas which is an even bigger plus as I have never been there before :)

So I let myself sleep in this morning and then went right to working out so I kinda skipped breakfast. I know I'm horrible but the rest of the day I have been good at least.

Lunch was a nice low-cal flat wrap with tuna salad (tuna, greek yogurt, s&p), and some cottage cheese on the side

After some lunch I had a few errands to run and played outside with Allie for a bit then was hungry again.

So I had awhile back tried to make some homemade LUNA bars and it just didn't work out but as I try  to always see the good in a bad situation I made a crumble with the dates and pecans. I put the mixture in the freezer so I sprinkled some on my greek yogurt.

As you can see here the ray of death has taken another just kidding. After a hard day of doing nothing she passed out while I did some things around the house.

I decided to make up a quick batch of homemade apple chips for the drive to mom's tomorrow. Made the house smell amazing and they will taste even better while driving and singing with Allie.

Dinner was amazing. I roasted some Brussels sprouts and added taco seasoned lean ground beef and brown rice. Topped it with mexican greek yogurt hot sauce and some avocado. It was delicious now I need to get to packing and watching hours of Big Bang Theory re-runs. 

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