Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love the sunshine

So after a long day inside a horribly stuffy courtroom looking outside to the wonderful sunshine I was so happy to get home and get outside to run.

See I am so happy......except for the fact that there was so much wind I kept swallowing things being blown into my mouth :(

So time was not that great I ran 2.02 miles in 22:36. Getting better all the time I know it's not fast yet but compared to six months ago when I couldn't even run a half mile straight I am feeling better and better everyday.

I had to run and get some things at the store and while I was there saw these...........
..........hello where have you been all my life?!?!?

Glad I finished up all jury duty today as I can't sleep while Ry-guy is gone and my insomnia is really kicking in. I was practically falling asleep during deliberation today. My plan for tomorrow is sleep till I wake up NO ALARM. That is going to be a treat it is still supposed to be nice and I am hoping to get another good run in outside.

I love when I have days that there is absolutely nothing I have to do. Maybe it will be an all day spa day :)

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