Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love the sunshine

So after a long day inside a horribly stuffy courtroom looking outside to the wonderful sunshine I was so happy to get home and get outside to run.

See I am so happy......except for the fact that there was so much wind I kept swallowing things being blown into my mouth :(

So time was not that great I ran 2.02 miles in 22:36. Getting better all the time I know it's not fast yet but compared to six months ago when I couldn't even run a half mile straight I am feeling better and better everyday.

I had to run and get some things at the store and while I was there saw these...........
..........hello where have you been all my life?!?!?

Glad I finished up all jury duty today as I can't sleep while Ry-guy is gone and my insomnia is really kicking in. I was practically falling asleep during deliberation today. My plan for tomorrow is sleep till I wake up NO ALARM. That is going to be a treat it is still supposed to be nice and I am hoping to get another good run in outside.

I love when I have days that there is absolutely nothing I have to do. Maybe it will be an all day spa day :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Motivation is a daily uphill battle

Seriously why can't I have as much motivation and will power as everyone else out there in the blog/tumblr/twitter world?????????

I have for years had lots of food issues. I have battled with anorexia/bulimia since I was in high school. So with that I have gone up and down on the yo-yo diet weight loss roller coaster. I would use horrible ways and loose tons of weight then gain it all back again. When I met my husband I was in a horrible place. I was eating on average in a day between 500-900 calories. Most of the time I would just throw up what I ate anyway and when I was hungry I would smoke and drink Coke Zero.

Since being with my hubby he has showed me that if I eat right and work out I can get even better results that will last a lifetime. The problem that I am currently having is that the weight is not coming off fast enough. I am having a very difficult time keeping my own moral up. I know that I need to just suck it up and not be such a little bitch.

 I had the best intentions for this week and next week while the hubby is away and so far I have failed miserably. I am still having terrible pain in my wrist from surgery in January, since starting the 30DS my knee has swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. So this has been a bit of an excuse, I didn't actually work out at all yesterday :(

Today I had jury duty again and we walked to lunch and back and then had a "field trip" during duty and walked around some more there. I came home and before doing anything else got changed and did my shred DVD. I did not eat well today as we went to St. Louis Bread Co. and I just couldn't resist that bread.

So new plans for the rest of the week:

*  get up early and go run at the gym (I am starting with a half marathon training program this week)
*  keep a bottle of water with me at all times
*  No eating after 7:30pm
*  Make sure I eat every 3-4 hours and make it a healthy mix so that I am not starving and go for the wrong    foods
*  30DS EVERYDAY!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to me vent this out. I could go on for ever and ever and ever but know that just getting this out a little bit will help me push through. I need to utilize this blog more even if no one is reading it ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easy like Sunday morning........ya

So Ry-guy is off and on his way to Georgia it's a cold sunny beautiful day and I personally will not be going out at all today.

Iced coffee the way to start my morning. So tasty and I get to drink it a lot faster than waiting for my scalding hot coffee on a usual morning. 

My biggest plan today is to get my first day of 30DS under my belt then start the cleaning process. For whatever reason whenever one of us leaves for a time the other goes on a cleaning spree through the house. Why can't we just do that with each other while we are both at home? Who knows?!?!

Because I am an uber-dork and couldn't stand the thought of Ry-guy leaving without just one more shot of him and Allie I went hog wild with the camera last night. 

........and then we decided Allie and I needed a new picture..........

and then of course because she is so adorable I needed a new picture of her all by her self............

So after all that craziness we all she passed out......long day of looking cute wore her out. So that's about it for now. Going to hit up the 30DS then study for my upcoming Coagulation class. I love being prepared before the class even starts and this stuff is just so intriguing I can't help myself from studying :)


Wow so that was a rather hard 20 minutes but I made it through and really didn't sweat that much might bump it up to level 2 tomorrow. I thought I would be a truthful person on this blog and put up my beginning weight and measurements for Day one of 30DS. I am hoping that if anything this will help to keep me on track if I put them up and update everyday with my progress. At the end of the 30 days I will post before and after pics. I am always shocked with how honest people are and usually those are the people who get the most out of what they are doing. So here goes nothing.......

Day 1 of 30DS  (2-26-12)

Height:        5' 4"

Weight:       171

Left Arm:    12"

Right Arm:  12"

Chest:         37"

Waist:         36"

Hips:           43"

Right Thigh: 22"

Left Thigh:   22"


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday in my opinion the best day of the week

So after a great night's sleep after lots of activity yesterday I woke up (without an alarm....I love when that happens) to sunlight enveloping our bedroom. I got ready quickly and was out the door. My cousin and his wife who are having a baby soon had a baby shower this afternoon and it was great to see some family I haven't seen in awhile.

I love all my family and although we all live within a short few hours drive in distance we can't always get together so occasions like these make me very happy. My cousin Eric and his wife Sarah are going to make amazing parents to a very lucky little boy. They are both teachers and just have that "parent instinct" to them....ya know what I mean.

So after eating some wonderful food and talking and talking and talking some more I headed back home. Ry-guy leaves early tomorrow morning and it was beautiful weather outside this afternoon so we decided to go for a last run outside before he leaves for two weeks.

I love my new shoes and my boring compression socks which I swear have made all the difference in my being able to run on a consistent basis without my knee popping out of place or swelling to the size of a cantaloupe.

I need to find some new workout wear I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I wear the same pants for every run and I have only 3 pairs of plain white compression socks. Maybe one of these days I will go on a shopping spree and just buy tons of new pretty workout things. I have never been a consistent worker-outer so I have never really paid much for workout stuff.

Now I plan on chillin on the couch, eating some bad food, playing some yahtzee and spending as much time as possible with they hubby till tomorrow. I just hate when he leaves even when it's just for a short time.

Tomorrow is gonna be filled with lots of cleaning, running, my first session of 30DS, and Oscars in the evening. I might have to make something extra special for that one. Hope you have all filled out your sheets to vote on your picks for the golden statues. I will tomorrow but I don't think I have seen any of the movies anyway so this is gonna be a total guesserou for me :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling good and becoming strong

So this week has been a bit crazy for me. First off I had to withdraw from my chemistry class as I am still having so much trouble with my wrist/hand from the surgery in January. We went to my hometown over the weekend for a show choir competition and I will say it's just lovely getting to see my family and hang out with old friends.

I love my momma and don't get to see her that often and my sister as well they are both such wonderful people and have been with me through my best and worst times. Although I am young I have lived a rough sorta life and they have been my backbones of my survival.

(my sister is the blonde in the front and my mom is the blonde in the back)

We are crazy and loud and since we don't all get to see each other that often we tend to stay up way too late and then go fast and hard the next day as well. So unfortunately Ry-guy and I ended up at home on Sunday sick as dogs and in bed pretty much all day Monday. So our runs just started up again yesterday. It was so absolutely wonderful outside that our windows were open and we went for a run in the adjoining neighborhood. 

Now today we wake to horrible Illinois cold snowy weather.......WHY do we still live here. Anywho we went bowling this morning and let me say I haven't gone in years and it was totally awesome.

There was this old man there that kept coming over and giving me tips. He ended up increasing my strike percentage. Somehow my husband managed to take one of the most unflattering pictures of me EVER and because of that there isn't any to be posted today of me while bowling :(

I have an unhealthy obsession with bowling shoes I have always wanted a pair and have yet to actually buy some don't know why but I think this year is the year that it happens.

So after bowling with a new friend for about two hours we decided to come home change and head to the gym. Just a quick run in then home and finished up Kinect adventures for the Xbox. Lots of activity today.

Waiting for a nice relaxing weekend. Baby shower for my cousin and his wife tomorrow and then Ry-guy is leaving Sunday morning for a two week stent in Georgia for some Army schooling.

I am planning on starting the 30DS on Sunday and keeping up my running routine since my 5K is in 16 days. Hopefully my hubby sees a little difference once he returns. 

Till later have a lovely weekend all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So I recently started running. I have jogged on and off for years but was never that good at it. I wanted so badly to join the ARMY right out of high school but do to a pretty severe knee injury that was just not possible for me. My husband though is a Captain in the Army National Guard and he runs a lot. So with his encouragement I have started running, I guess at my speed it would be considered jogging but at least it's a start.

I have come to see very quickly how absolutely addictive this running thing can be. I went last night with Rye-guy and when I woke up today I was ready to go again. As a form of true motivation I signed myself and the hubby up for a 5K in March. Now he can't go due to some military things and I will be running alone. Well let me tell ya that put a spark under my ass.

After running for a bit now I decided to go and get a "real" pair of running shoes that were fitted for me. I love my new shoes. I love being an utterly sweaty red-faced mess after my runs. Even though I am hurting during them it's not my knee its simply a lack of running in my past.

I did manage to do something that was for me at least spectacular the other night. I ran the equivalent of a 5K while Rye-guy was lifting weights. I seriously almost started crying right there in the middle of the gym. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal to other more experienced runners but for me it showed that if I work hard enough I will accomplish whatever goal I set for myself.