Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling good and becoming strong

So this week has been a bit crazy for me. First off I had to withdraw from my chemistry class as I am still having so much trouble with my wrist/hand from the surgery in January. We went to my hometown over the weekend for a show choir competition and I will say it's just lovely getting to see my family and hang out with old friends.

I love my momma and don't get to see her that often and my sister as well they are both such wonderful people and have been with me through my best and worst times. Although I am young I have lived a rough sorta life and they have been my backbones of my survival.

(my sister is the blonde in the front and my mom is the blonde in the back)

We are crazy and loud and since we don't all get to see each other that often we tend to stay up way too late and then go fast and hard the next day as well. So unfortunately Ry-guy and I ended up at home on Sunday sick as dogs and in bed pretty much all day Monday. So our runs just started up again yesterday. It was so absolutely wonderful outside that our windows were open and we went for a run in the adjoining neighborhood. 

Now today we wake to horrible Illinois cold snowy weather.......WHY do we still live here. Anywho we went bowling this morning and let me say I haven't gone in years and it was totally awesome.

There was this old man there that kept coming over and giving me tips. He ended up increasing my strike percentage. Somehow my husband managed to take one of the most unflattering pictures of me EVER and because of that there isn't any to be posted today of me while bowling :(

I have an unhealthy obsession with bowling shoes I have always wanted a pair and have yet to actually buy some don't know why but I think this year is the year that it happens.

So after bowling with a new friend for about two hours we decided to come home change and head to the gym. Just a quick run in then home and finished up Kinect adventures for the Xbox. Lots of activity today.

Waiting for a nice relaxing weekend. Baby shower for my cousin and his wife tomorrow and then Ry-guy is leaving Sunday morning for a two week stent in Georgia for some Army schooling.

I am planning on starting the 30DS on Sunday and keeping up my running routine since my 5K is in 16 days. Hopefully my hubby sees a little difference once he returns. 

Till later have a lovely weekend all.

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