Sunday, February 26, 2012

Easy like Sunday morning........ya

So Ry-guy is off and on his way to Georgia it's a cold sunny beautiful day and I personally will not be going out at all today.

Iced coffee the way to start my morning. So tasty and I get to drink it a lot faster than waiting for my scalding hot coffee on a usual morning. 

My biggest plan today is to get my first day of 30DS under my belt then start the cleaning process. For whatever reason whenever one of us leaves for a time the other goes on a cleaning spree through the house. Why can't we just do that with each other while we are both at home? Who knows?!?!

Because I am an uber-dork and couldn't stand the thought of Ry-guy leaving without just one more shot of him and Allie I went hog wild with the camera last night. 

........and then we decided Allie and I needed a new picture..........

and then of course because she is so adorable I needed a new picture of her all by her self............

So after all that craziness we all she passed out......long day of looking cute wore her out. So that's about it for now. Going to hit up the 30DS then study for my upcoming Coagulation class. I love being prepared before the class even starts and this stuff is just so intriguing I can't help myself from studying :)


Wow so that was a rather hard 20 minutes but I made it through and really didn't sweat that much might bump it up to level 2 tomorrow. I thought I would be a truthful person on this blog and put up my beginning weight and measurements for Day one of 30DS. I am hoping that if anything this will help to keep me on track if I put them up and update everyday with my progress. At the end of the 30 days I will post before and after pics. I am always shocked with how honest people are and usually those are the people who get the most out of what they are doing. So here goes nothing.......

Day 1 of 30DS  (2-26-12)

Height:        5' 4"

Weight:       171

Left Arm:    12"

Right Arm:  12"

Chest:         37"

Waist:         36"

Hips:           43"

Right Thigh: 22"

Left Thigh:   22"


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