Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surgery and Allie update.......and just because I am a little bored

So Ryan is gone for the next week and with no school right now and colder weather and the fact that my wrist is in a brace and so painful I can barely move. So I am doing a lot of internet searching and blogging. I need to get as much in as possible before school starts again and before my wrist heals and I have to return to work.

So update. I had the surgery on Wednesday of this week and it was to release a tendon due to De Quervains syndrome. I actually ended up having an extra tendon that when I was injured by the patient it got inflamed and this is what was causing all the pain. It is still swollen and very bruised and extremely numb in most of the thumb area.

Like I said not very pretty. Luckily its not a very big scar and I can probably cover it up easily with a watch and or bracelets.

So update on Allie-girl. Since we moved into the new place she has adapted rather well I think. We in less than two days trained her to not go onto any of the tiled areas. Which helps us get in and out of the door without her running out as well. I don't know how we did it so fast but it is wonderful. She won't even go after her toys if they have landed on the tile. She has found many new spots to sleep in.
the stairs are a big new sleeping area for her

especially when we are in our office upstairs.
For the first bit while here we didn't have a bed and we were using an old, aero bed that didn't even work anymore, however she found it very relaxing......
 although I believe here I had woken her up and she was not happy with me.
So because I love my dog as if she were my own child I have mini photo sessions with her so her are some new "headshots" of my baby-girl :) Wow my poor mom she really never is going to get any real grand kids from me
I think she is telling me that this is her good side

I love the B&W definitely shows off her sweetness :)
"Does my nose look big at this angle?"

So like I said I am bored as all get out. Enjoying too much time off if my wrist was better then I would probably be crafting up a storm but due to damn near immobility of my left wrist I am watching way too much tv and Pinning way too much.

So here are some of my favorite things:

1.  My new french press

2.  The Rock Star Jeggings from Old Navy...I bought them in two different colors the other day and seriously am considering going back and getting every other color :)

3.  The fact that my first Birchbox  is on it's way...............YA can't wait.

4.  I am loving TV so much right now especially:   Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Big Bang Theory, and the upcoming season of Face Off.

5.  and lastly I am loving my new haircut although I am willing my hair to grow out as fast as is physically possible.....I have had it short for awhile now but miss my long curly locks so desperately

ok so I have babbled on for too long now......see you all tomorrow :)


  1. Hi! I'm responding to a comment you left at the Creative Imperative... I made the pillow out of felt and a lot of hot glue :) I wanted to respond to your comment, but you don't have an email address attached to your account. You can change it easily; here's a quick tutorial from another blog! Thanks for stopping by! Also, I have DeQuervains in my left wrist. After seeing your pics I'm dreading having surgery!

  2. whoops, forgot to include the tutorial link