Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Do for a New Year

So what to say about this week. Finally got a new haircut, trying to let your hair grow out is just horrible sometimes. I had really short then an angled bob now just want my long curlyness back again. So got a magnificent cut from my girls at Spataneous. Beautiful again......well at least my husband thinks so, he even said I looked like a model. I knew I married him for a reason.

So I am having surgrey tomorrow finally to fix an injury that was caused at work in May of this past year. I am a little nervous but truthfully just ready to be pain free. So because I won't have the use of my left hand for awhile and Ry-guy is leaving for a week on Saturday I am going to help him by making up some food for me so all he has to do is reheat. I will say he is ready and willing to be my sous chef anytime and that is a blessing.

So on the agenda for today is lots of oatmeal and some healthy clean pancakes. I made up a huge batch of the beef/brussels/and rice mix yesterday so that should last for a bit. Other than that it's lots of veggies and fruit.

Recipes to follow.........

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